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About Our Interactive & Electronic Toys

Cats need to exercise their brains along with their bodies. By regularly engaging in mental and physical stimulation, cats can play an active role in improving their own development. Interactive cat toys are great solutions for fighting boredom and turning playtime into a learning opportunity. Challenge your smart kitty with cat puzzles from like Nina Ottoson cat toys that let you hide food or treats with an adjustable difficulty level so you can customize your cat’s experience. The Trixie Cat Activity Center features four different games that engage each of your cat’s senses to retrieve its yummy rewards. Light up your living room with exciting entertainment for you and your cat with laser cat toys from PetSafe, complete with random laser movements to keep your cat chasing and guessing. Interactive cat tunnels are great attention grabbers that can also help improve cognitive behavior. Kylie’s Brights cat toys combine the cozy softness of plush toys with catnip-filled toys that entice as much as they spring and rattle. With tons of exciting options to stimulate your curious cat, BaxterBoo is your ultimate one-stop shop for cat toys, cat treats and other great quality cat supplies!

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