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About Our Cat Healthcare

Ensuring your cat’s health and longevity is always the top priority. You do a lot to give them a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, but there are other ways you can contribute to their well-being.

Thanks to top brands like VetriScience, Pet Naturals, Greenies and others, you’ll have great cat healthcare options for keeping your furry family member in the best possible health at any age. BaxterBoo offers a collection of cat health products that are carefully crafted for your cat’s specific needs. 

Cat Supplements offer an array of added benefits from supporting hip & joint health to aiding digestion and improving your cat’s skin & coat health. NaturVet Quiet Moments cat chews provide quick and lasting relief for cat anxiety by combining melatonin with hemp seed and ginger to reduce stress and tension.

Get a full-spectrum herbal supplement for cats from PetAlive, which naturally aids feline health in wide range of areas including bladder control, digestive support, thyroid and kidney support and more!

With dental health playing a crucial role in promoting your cat’s overall health, cat dental care products can help your cat fight buildups while freshening their breath. Enhance your cat’s water bowl with water additives from TropiClean or take full control of your cat’s dental health by brushing your cat's teeth with the latest pet toothbrush and pet toothpaste.

Accidents and injuries are a part of a pet’s life. When dealing with minor cuts and irritations, be prepared for such moments with a pet first aid kit and the latest in pet recovery. Pet bandages are perfect for dressing minor injuries when a veterinarian isn’t nearby. Sometimes if we're not too careful while grooming our pet's nails we can cause unwanted bleeding by clipping too close. Luckily styptic powder can stop your cat’s bleeding while providing quick pain relief and reducing the risk of infection.

Covering all breeds and all ages, our cat healthcare products work hard to help you ensure your feline friend has the fullest and longest life possible. BaxterBoo’s online pet store helps cat lovers everywhere find the right resources to care for their feline friends thanks to an endless supply of cat accessories, cat food and more!

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