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About Our Catnip & Pet Grass

Catnip works like magic on our feline friends! It’s effect on cats is matched only by its versatility. Whether you’re simply supplying it as a treat for your cat or incorporating it into your cat’s toys, catnip is a safe and non-addictive way to stimulate your cat into a state of pure excitement and bliss. Meowijuana organic catnip is available in airtight catnip bud jars along with a variety of catnip blends with different effects. Crunchie Munchie Cat Treats are catnip filled treats that combine with valerian root and irresistible flavors that satisfy your cat in more ways than one. KONG Naturals Premium Catnip is naturally grown in North America and offers high potency with locked-in freshness, so you know you’re giving your kitty some quality catnip! If you’re traveling with an anxious cat, catnip sprays are both convenient and potent when it comes to soothing them on the go. Catnip isn’t the only grass your kitty would be interested in. Cat grass allows cats to play and munch on grass in a healthy way. Entice your cat with high-quality catnip and catnip toys when you shop BaxterBoo’s collection of cat treats, cat toys and other cat supplies!

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