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About Our Bones, Bully & Natural Chews

We offer Bones, Bully & Natural Chews that are wholesome alternatives to more typical dog bones and chew treats. Our single-ingredient bully treats are made from pure muscle and are easily digestible for most dogs. Also bully sticks are high in protein, are free from artificial chemicals and won’t splinter. Pork Chomps Twists and Nutri Chomp Braid Dog Treats are 100% Rawhide Free and easy for your dog to digest. Barkworthies provides a wide variety of Antler Chews, Stuffed Beef Bones, SuperBone Treats, Bully Sticks and more. For fancier dogs, Canine Caviar treats utilize different Buffalo parts like tripe, tendons, trachea, lung and tails. Our bones are ethically sourced and long lasting, so your dog won’t have to give up his favorite chew treat for a while. 

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