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About Our Skin & Coat Care

Your cat’s coat is their pride and joy! It’s the first thing everyone notices about your furry friend besides their loveable smile. Keeping it soft and shiny takes great care with the right tools, the right products and even the right diet. Get your cat or dog medicated pet shampoos from vet-recommended brands including Dechra, DOUXO, Bayer and more. Dechra pet shampoos and conditioners bring vet-quality care with powerful treatments that are gentle enough to keep your pet’s sensitivities in mind. DOUXO Calm Anti-Itch Formula for Dogs and Cats will soothe your pet in more ways than one with formulas containing Phytosphingosine, which helps restore your pet’s natural protective skin barrier. Stop the itching before it starts with advanced flea & tick control like the fast acting and long-lasting Advantage II Flea Control Cat Treatment. Just like their canine counterparts, cats can get hot spots resulting from irritations. Give them quick relief with the non-toxic and non-greasy formula of Hot Spot Cream from Doggles. For more serious irritations and wounds, you’ll need high-quality pet first aid like the vet formulated Vetericyn VF Plus Antimicrobial Wound & Skin Care. With healthy skin that doesn’t itch and a shiny coat, your feline friend will look and feel better than ever. You'll find what your pet needs and more here at BaxterBoo, your ultimate online pet store for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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