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Dog Food

About Our Dehydrated Food Dog Food

Dehydrated dog food offers wholesome nutrition for dogs along with convenient meal prepping for pet owners. Using simple recipes that are rich in high-quality ingredients and free of artificial additives, dehydrated food for dogs is a great option for ensuring longevity in your dog food’s shelf life and your dog’s overall diet.

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food is made with 100% human-grade ingredients such as real meat, fruits and veggies that are dehydrated to help preserve freshness without the use of preservatives. These ingredients are blended into recipes that are ideal for grain-free dog food diets and limited-ingredient dog food diets.

Dehydrated dog food toppers are great meal enhancers that boost both nutrition and flavor so your dog can enjoy a more balanced meal. Canine Caviar Synergy Vegetable Mix uses a holistic blend of dehydrated vegetables that provide a nutritional boost to your dog’s everyday diet. Simply add water and your dog will enjoy the benefits of natural whole foods with flavors they love. 

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