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Skout's Honor

Skout’s Honor has something for every pet home with high-quality products designed to improve the lives of pets and pet people. These safe and powerful solutions are part of a growing collection of pet grooming and pet skin care products that curate the best technologies to improve the experience of living with our furry friends. Skout’s Honor offers a variety of pet shampoos, pet deodorizers, flea and tick control products, and other formulas that are both environmentally and socially conscious. Skout’s Honor Probiotic Detanglers and Shampoos contain topical probiotics that defend against skin conditions and irritations. For pets with sensitive skin and in need of long-lasting relief, Skout’s Honor Probiotic Itch Relief for Dogs and Cats is a hypoallergenic itch spray made with soothing oatmeal that hydrates and calms your buddy. Skout’s Honor Flea + Tick line takes care of infestations the natural way, using non-toxic biodegradable ingredients that kill fleas and ticks on contact. From flea and tick shampoo to flea and tick yard spray, your pup and your home will have gentle but effective protection against unwanted critters. You can also treat your home with Skout’s Honor Professional Strength Stain and Odor Removers which utilize BioKore technology, a proprietary plant-derived surfactant that is as non-toxic as it is powerful. From probiotic pet grooming and wellness to natural itch relief and pet odor solutions, Skout’s Honor is a top choice for your pet and your home.

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