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Spunky Pup

Spunky Pup produces unique and engaging dog toys that are not just built to last but also built to help pet owners engage with their furry friends. Each toy is designed to keep your dog entertained while letting you get in on the fun. The Spunky Pup Ball Blaster Hands-Free Dog Fetch Toy launches balls up to 60 feet while the Spunky Pup Bow Blaster Dog Fetch Toy can launch balls and other toys up to 150 feet. Spunky Pup Fly & Fetch Dog Toys can float and feature built-in bungee cords for loads of high-flying fun that’s perfect for the backyard or the pool. Your pup will love to chew and snuggle on the adorable Spunky Pup Alien Flex Plush Dog Toys made with three layers of durable Alien Flex Gnaw Guard protection and an imbedded squeaker. Whether its bedtime or playtime, you and your dog will both love Spunky Pup! BaxterBoo's online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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