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Wellness is a pet food brand that says it all in its name. They believe the right food should be delicious and nutritious, which is why they craft natural pet food and pet treats with an emphasis on balance. Each Wellness recipe is thoughtfully prepared with superior nutrients and probiotics that lay the foundation for whole-body health in your dog or cat. Wellness Complete Health Dog Food combines omega fatty acids with antioxidants to help deliver a balanced diet that covers multiple benefits. Raw diets rich in protein can be found in Wellness CORE RawRev Dog Food, made free of grains and meat fillers while being rich in essential nutrients. Small dog breeds will love the savory goodness of Wellness CORE Natural Mini Meals along with the variety of flavors and textures found in Wellness Petite Entrees, both of which are grain free and rich with essential nutrients from real vegetables. Satisfy your dog’s hunger between meals while enriching their diet with Wellness dog treats. Your canine companion will love the satisfying crunch of Wellness Wellbars, the soft-baked goodness of Wellness Soft Wellbites and the chewy textures of Wellness CORE Pure Rewards Jerky Bites. Feline connoisseurs will love Wellness cat food from the balanced nutrition of Wellness Complete Health Cat Food to the irresistible savory flavors of Wellness Healthy Indulgence Cat Food. Wellness has worked with nutrition experts, veterinarians and scientists to develop pet food that pushes nutrition forward while satisfying every appetite.

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