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For those who want more from their pet’s diet, Weruva is there to help pet owners provide nutrition that holds up to human-grade standards. Weruva pet food uses only human-grade ingredients of the highest quality so that your dog and cat can thrive as much as you do. Weruva Dogs in the Kitchen and Weruva Cats in the Kitchen offer a variety of premium-cut proteins blended with vitamins and minerals for a perfectly balanced meal or meal enhancer. Weruva BFF OMG! cat food is the perfect meal for your best feline friend thanks to rich gravy and moisture that keeps them hydrated. Dogs and cats alike will enjoy Weruva Cat & Dog Food Supplement featuring limited ingredients along with plenty of vitamins and potassium to aid pets with sensitive stomachs. Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up offers the benefits of puree pumpkin for dogs and cats like weight management, hairball control and potassium while supporting a healthy digestive tract. Weruva shares your passion for clean pet cuisine so you can feed your pet like you feed yourself. 

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