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Dog Boots & Shoes

About Our Dog Boots Dog Boots & Shoes

Your canine companion will encounter a variety of hazard when they go out exploring. For dogs needing protection from sidewalk chemicals, hot pavement and ice balls that can form between the pads, Dog Boots can be a simple solution for those quick jaunts outdoors or long hikes. Neoprene Dog Boots are ideal during winter months for protection against ice, snow and salt. Zack and Zoey ThermaPet Dog Boots can withstand temperatures as low as -4 degrees F or as high as 176 degrees. Ultra Paws collection of rugged dog boots work great for sidewalks, asphalt, sand and other rugged terrain. They’re made with dense, water-resistant material wrapped in recycled tire material that performs in nearly any conditions. Dog boots aren’t just practical. They can also be great dog fashion accessories. Winter Fashion Dog Boots like Pet Life Duggz come in a variety of colors along with faux fur trim, letting your dog show off their new high-end look. Not only can these dog boots protect your dog's paws, they are also helpful to protect wood floors from becoming scratched. Protect your dog's paws from the elements with our collection of awesome dog boots! BaxterBoo's online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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