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Fountains & Waterers

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About Our Fountains & Waterers

Keeping our pets hydrated is an essential part of their daily routine. It’s not enough to ensure they have good quality food. They also need high quality H2O regularly available to maximize their overall wellbeing. Water that stays stagnant collects dust and bacteria, and constantly replacing their water bowl can be inconvenient at times. Pet Water Fountains and Pet Waterers conveniently keep your dog’s water fresh and flowing without needing your constant attention. Drinkwell Pet Fountains were developed by veterinarians to supply a steady stream of filtered water that entices your pet to drink more while aerating their water with healthful oxygen. Keeping your Drinkwell Fountain maintained is easy with our supply of Drinkwell Replacement Filters. The Pet Life Hydritate Anti-Puddle Water Bowl helps slow your pet’s drinking and prevents spills with a lightly weighted Splash Guard. You can elevate your dog’s mealtime with the Pet Life Auto-Myst Snail 2-in-1 Water Dispenser and Food Bowl, which doubles as a dog diner and a filtered water dispenser. Encourage your canine companion to stay hydrated with a constant supply of clean water thanks to the innovative solutions found in BaxterBoo’s online pet store!

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