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About Our Basic Dog Harnesses

With the perfect fit, dog harnesses can keep your dog safely secured. They  are great for training new puppies and will prevent your dog from running away while keeping them close. Any dogs with respiratory problems or neck injuries will benefit from a harness to help keep them stress and injury free while going on those coveted walks.

We've got basic dog harnesses, comfort dog harnesseschoke free dog harnesses and more to choose from depending on your dog’s needs. This collection of harnesses offers a wide range of features including reflective trim, multiple points of adjustment, softly padded materials at the neck and chest, multiple leash attachment points, and more. Each harness is easy, safe and comfortable to wear for small dogs, big dogs, and everything in between!

Our fashion dog harnesses don’t just look great – they also provide great function. The Cool Mesh Dog Harness from Doggie Design features fun designs and soft-but-strong wide gauge breathable mesh to keep your pup cool during those sweltering summer days. Any dog harness by DOGO is a great fashion choice! DOGO's EasyGo Polo Stripe Dog Harness is one of the best all-in-one soft harnesses out here with its simple step-in design and stylish looks. Combine fashion with function when you outfit your pup in a dog vest harness that completes their wardrobe while keeping them safe and secure.

No-pull harnesses like the Easy Walk Dog Harness gently discourage your dog from pulling without causing choking or discomfort to your dog, making it an ideal tool for training.

It's a common problem for dogs to jump out of their harnesses. Check out our collection of step-in harnesses like the escape proof dog harness from Gooby to make walks more secure for your pup and less of a hassle for you. They're easy to put on and are perfect for escape artist dogs. For the seasoned service dog, we offer harness patches that easily identify them when in public.

When it’s time to get festive, our holiday dog harnesses will set free your pup’s jolly spirit for all to see. BaxterBoo’s online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for pet accessories like leashes, collars and much more!

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