Busy Buddy Bristle Bone Dental Toy

IB# 1036
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Product Information
Our Busy Buddy Bristle Bone Dental Toy provides your pup a mental challenge while cleaning their teeth!
  • Designed for dogs over 6 months
  • Bristles clean teeth
  • Rubber nubs massage gums
  • Replaceable gnawhide rings
  • Durable chew toy with spinning features to intrigue clever dogs
Why We Love It:
Our Busy Buddy Bristle Bone™ Dental Toy is an intriguing puzzle that dogs are GUARANTEED to chew!
Thanks to the irresistible and replaceable Gnawhide rings, your dog will have an extended chewing experience. While they are working to get to the treats, the durable nylon bristles and rubber nubs clean teeth and massage your pet's gums as the dog chews.
The Bussy Buddy Bristle Bone Dental Dog Toy is available in sizes to suit most dogs over 6 months of age. The sturdy nylon bone with spinning parts challenge clever dogs, improve dental hygiene and keep busy dogs engaged in problem-solving activities that aren't destructive. 
To use, unscrew the Bristle Bone® and remove the first rubber nub ring and the bristle ring. Slide a treat ring onto either side of the bristle ring. Replace the rubber nub ring, and then screw the bone back together.
Supervise pets during play to ensure they aren't chewing too vigorously and damaging their teeth. Replace Gnawhide rings as needed. Discard overly worn chew toys. 
Gnawhide treat rings are easy to replace and designed specifically for use with the Bristle Bone. Look for our Gnawhide treat refills. Available in a pack of 16 rawhide treat rings.
Gnawhide Ingredients: Tapioca, Potato Starch, Glycerin, Water for Processing, Chicken, Natural Chicken Flavors, Powdered Cellulose, Condensed Cultured Skim Milk, Lecithin, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Mono & Diglycerides, Sorbic Acid (a preservative), Mixed Tocopherols (a preservative).
Sizing Information:
XS - for teacup and toy breeds under 10 pounds
Small - 10-25 pounds
Medium - 25-50 pounds
Large - 50-90 pounds
IB# 1036
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Busy Buddy Bristle Bone Dental Toy

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Customer Reviews

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Posted On 02/27/20 by Mike from , NJ    Yes, Mike recommends this product!
A toy and a treat at the same time plus it looks like it cleans my dog’s teeth.

Interesting combination
Posted On 06/21/19 by La Mesa from La Mesa, CA    Yes, La Mesa recommends this product!
This is heavier than expected. Our boxer has never shown interest in anything but a rope toy to tug but she took to this right away. Our lab/husky mix is interested in all toys, so we'll see who wins this context. This is a very sturdy combination.

Posted On 02/02/19 by Bethany L from , RI   
I was hoping this would have been something that my 95lbs year & 1/2 old pitbull couldn't destroyed in seconds, keep her busy and clean her teeth at the same time. Unfortunately, she has absolutely ZERO interest in it whatsoever nor does my 85lbs 11 year old english bulldoggee. Considering both of my dogs live for treats and feeding time it can't be a coincidence that neither dog likes this product.

The best
Posted On 04/09/16 by Linda C from Riverside, RI    Yes, Linda C recommends this product!
One of the best toys I have found for my dog . She doesn't like chewing on hard bones. She loves this. I am so happy for she needed something hard to chew for her teeth health !!

Posted On 04/04/16 by Linda C from Riverside, RI    Yes, Linda C recommends this product!
My dog just loves this!! I love it because it's good for her teeth!! Terrific !!!!

My dog loves it!
Posted On 02/26/16 by Gail D from , NY    Yes, Gail D recommends this product!
I thought the medium would be too big for my 9 lb. chorkie but she is enthralled with this. It is light enough for her to pick up and run; which she does when I approach because she is very protective of this! It keeps her busy for hours and I can put toothpaste on the bristles so it helps brush her teeth as she plays.

Bristle bone
Posted On 02/17/16 by Greg K from , MA    Yes, Greg K recommends this product!
Great product. Our dog loves it PLUS it cleans his teeth!

Dogs can separate this
Posted On 02/06/16 by Laura S from Lubbock, TX    Yes, Laura S recommends this product!
This was the other part of my 9 year old pit bull's birthday gift. He likes to chew on the plastic part. However his 2 year old sister took it and in about 15 minutes had chewed the edible rings off of it and figured out how to unscrew the end and had taken it apart. Needless to say she chewed on the end that had the threads so this will not be going back together. We've had a couple of these before and it took quite a while for them to figure out how to take them apart. I would still recommend this if your dog just likes to chew.,

Bristle bone
Posted On 12/27/15 by Melissa M from , AZ    Yes, Melissa M recommends this product!
I can't wait for Riesling to try out this toy. It is sturdy with toothbrush like bristles on one side of the treat and rubber bristles on the other. This will be a great alternative to multiple dental treats.

Busy Bone
Posted On 12/02/14 by Tiffany R from Pegram, TN    Yes, Tiffany R recommends this product!
I had the larger version of this for my small pup, which he loves and it keeps him busy for hours. The smaller one is much more ideal though, since he has a smaller mouth.

Love it!
Posted On 11/25/14 by Virginia B from Grandville, MI    Yes, Virginia B recommends this product!
Both of my dogs love this product. They even chew on it without the treat wheels in it. It seems very durable and I love that it helps clean their teeth too! Rated two paws up by my pups!

Posted On 11/08/13 by Krista A from Ypsilanti, MI    Yes, Krista A recommends this product!
Great for heavy chewers and/or food-motivated dogs. Put the gnawhide treats on the ends, and it will take a lot of work for your dog to chew them off. The bristles clean their teeth while they're working on it! The plastic pieces are very tough, and my dog likes chewing on this even when there are no treats attached!

Donna's Testimonal (Via Email)

Good prices for good quality and good selection

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