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KONG BiteNot Dog Collar

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IB# 82493
KONG BiteNot Dog Collar
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For dogs that don't like the cone, here is a great alternative with the KONG BiteNot Dog Collar!

  • Alternative to cone
  • Keeps neck straight
  • Not to protect eyes, ears, feet or lower portion of legs.

Why We Love It:

The KONG Bitenot Dog Collar will have your pet snoozing and eating comfy on their road to recovery! BiteNot collars will safely protect your dogs and cats while allowing them to eat, drink, sleep. play, run up stairs and around corners, and even sit on laps Comfortably! Do not use the BiteNot collar to protect eyes, ears, feet or lower portion of legs.

Sizing Information:

How to measure: While your dog or cat is standing, measure from the base of its ear to the top of its shoulder blade. This measurement will give you the desired width and size of the collar (for example, if you measure 6″ you will need a size 6). Contact us if you need assistance.

BN3-1/2, 3.5" X 16", under 10 lbs., Toy Poodle
BN4, 4" X 18", 10 - 17 lbs., Bichon, Shih-Tzu
BN5, 5" X 21", 18 - 30 lbs., Spaniels, Terriers
BN5L, 5" X 24", 31 - 45 lbs., Chow, Pit Bull
BN6, 6" X 27", 46 - 70 lbs., Lab, Golden
BN7, 7" X 28", 71 - 100 lbs., German Shepherd
BN8, 8" X 32", 101 - 140 lbs., Rottweiler

IB# 82493
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