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For Simple Goodness, Chicken Chips are the Healthy Treats that Dogs Love

Chicken Chips at

If you've ever given your dog one of our Chicken Chips Dog Treats by Chip's Naturals, you'll know why they are so popular! With a crispy texture like a potato chip, these all-natural dog treats are winners with all dogs!

In fact, Chicken Chips were the most popular treat at Silly Willie's, a quaint pet boutique in Smyrna, Florida. When the owners of the boutique, sisters Vickie and Joan, heard that the future of Chicken Chips was in jeopardy, they simply had to do something. 

A naturally good idea

See, the reason Chicken Chips were so popular is that they were made of dehydrated chicken tenderloin slices - and that's it - no funny ingredients you can't pronounce! The original creator of the treat was desperate to find a healthy snack for his allergy-prone dog. His idea grew and became Kennelmaster Foods, but sometimes small businesses are hard to maintain, and that's where Vickie and Joan came in. The Doggie Chicken Chips were the highest selling item in their store, second only to dog food. Knowing they couldn't afford to lose such a popular product, Vickie set out to make the Kennelmaster Foods company her own.

Growing pains

That first week proved to be the most difficult with everything that could possibly go wrong going utterly wrong. To top it off, the tiny kitchen was scorching hot in the summer heat of Florida, and Vickie and Joan were tempted to just walk away from their dream. But the sisters prevailed and eventually were able to move to a more efficient (and air-conditioned) kitchen and orders were pouring in. 

Doggie Chicken Chips are here to stay

Thanks to the diligence of Vickie and Joan, dog lovers can rejoice knowing their pet's favorite all-natural treats that are made in the USA are here for the long haul.

With the success of Chicken Chips, Kennelmaster Foods has expanded Chip's Naturals and features several varieties of crispy treats with healthy USDA inspected ingredients. In addition to the ever-popular Chicken Chips, you can also look for the Doggie Sweet Taters, the Beefy Bites, Cheesy Chicken Chips, and Liver Slivers

We're proud to carry Chip's Naturals products and support the American entrepreneurial spirit. They're a healthy, delicious choice for your furry best friend!


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