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Fashionable Dogs & Cats Prefer Parisian Pet Clothing & Accessories

For pets who are longing for fashion that is out of the ordinary, Parisian Pet clothing and accessories will have your pooch prancing through town. Even cats will feel cool sporting the latest fashions from Parisian Pet!

Teacup Puppy T-Shirts

Is your furry friend tiny enough to fit in your pocketbook? Parisian Pet specializes in some of the smallest pet sizes around! Even tiny toy breed puppies can find a suitable outfit for every outing. 

We love Parisian Pet's embroidered pet t-shirts! Available in sizes XXS through XL, you'll find sizes to outfit teacup through medium-large-sized breeds.

Since several of our employees have toy-breed dogs, we know how hard it can be to outfit the tiniest pets. Parisian Pet is always our go-to brand for quality pet clothing for toy and teacup dogs and puppies.

Stylish Special Occasion Pet Clothing

Do you have a formal pet-friendly event coming up? Perhaps a tail-wagging wedding where the best man is man's best friend? Or, perhaps you have a furry flower girl? Check out Parisian Pet's formal attire including pet tuxedos and fancy dog dresses

Pets prefer Parisian Pet formalwear!

Parisian Pet Costumes

If you're looking for a comfortable outfit for Halloween or any costume event, Parisian Pet offers a fun selection of pet costumes. Say goodbye to awkward, bulky costumes that your pet can't even move in. With Parisian Pet, your pet will look fantastic in an outfit that's as comfortable as their favorite t-shirt.

dog 1 dog 2 thing 1 thing 2 pet costumes

This Dog 1, Dog 2 ensemble by Parisian Pet is perfect for a duo for Halloween!


 Career Pet Costumes

Pet costumes aren't just for Halloween! They are also appropriate for community events and for promoting your business. For instance, these professional pet costumes in a doctor/veterinarian and firefighter style will be ideal for any hometown event.

Outfit your pet in a professional pet costume from Parisian Pet!

Fashion Accessories

Sometimes your pet wants to make a more subtle fashion statement. Some dogs and especially cats don't care for pet clothing. For those furry friends, Parisian Pet offers fun pet bandanas to add a splash of color to your outings and photo opportunities. These sassy bandanas help your pet's attitude shine through without a bark or meow. 

Check out the Parisian Pet bandanas at!

Fashion Walking Gear

Sure, you and your pup can just go for a walk, but why not make it a stylish event? With Parisian Pet leashes, collars, and harnesses, your pet's fans are sure to notice.

Or for those who like a bit of bling when doing your walking thing, we have these fun Parisian Pet Crystal Retractable leashes to put a little sparkle in your step!


 Parisian Pet offers everyday nylon clip collars as well as collars with a bit of sass with studs and jewels. 


Parisian Pet Carriers

Whether you prefer to carry your pet in a carrier that looks like a fine handbag or a comfortable sling for a stroll around your local farmer's market, pet carriers are useful for discreetly carrying your dog and protecting them from other dogs, foot traffic, and hot pavement. Designer pet bags aren't just fashionable -- they are a must for shielding young puppies that haven't received all of their vaccinations. 


Some Parisian Pet carriers are even airline-approved, so you can safely and subtly carry your pet wherever you travel. With well-ventilated mesh panels, a sturdy bottom, as well as pockets for storage, you'll find it easier to travel or shop with your pet than you would have believed. 

Parisian Pet is one of our favorite brands at We know you and your pet will enjoy the style, quality, and attention to detail they offer for discriminating pet parents. Check out our ever-expanding collection of Parisian Pet Products!


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