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The Honest Kitchen

From nutrition everyday meals to recipes that are tailored to your pet’s food sensitivities, The Honest Kitchen makes high-quality pet foods with the finest ingredients. They deliver 100% human grade recipes carefully crafted for your dog’s or cat’s overall wellness.

A balanced meal starts with a single source protein, and The Honest Kitchen Whole Food Clusters are great examples. Offering whole grain and grain free options, Whole Food Clusters are minimally processed in small batches to retain whole food nutrition like beneficial fats, antioxidants, natural fibers and live prebiotics. The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food comes in a variety of limited ingredient recipes that are free of preservatives and safe for all breeds and ages.

Dog food toppers make great meal enhancers. Elevate your pup’s meals with the slow cooked goodness of The Honest Kitchen Pour Overs or the nutrition boosting The Honest Kitchen Daily Boosters. With Pumpkin Pour Overs, the benefits of pumpkin for dogs will enhance your pup's mealtime experience thanks to wholesome recipes made with human grade ingredients!

Reward your dog throughout the day with delicious and wholesome gourmet dog treats. Superfood Cod Crisps combine wild caught cod with berries to form crunchy dog treats that are ideal for dogs with sensitivities. Wholesome jerky treats like Jerky Harvest Mini Bars are loaded with a bounty of gently roasted real meat, hearty oats and fruits & veggies.

Perfect for training, The Honest Kitchen's Meaty Littles and Parmesan Pecks deliver savory goodness with soft and hearty texture. Good dogs deserve the absolute tastiest food and treats. Treat your pet to The Honest Kitchen and you’ll never have to clean their bowl again.


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