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About Our Cat Beds

The only thing cats like laying on more than your sleeping face or your morning newspaper is a luxuriously appointed cat bed. BaxterBoo’s collection of cat beds can do double duty as small dog beds, but don't let that confuse you. Each one is made for serious comfort for those of the feline persuasion with more features that kitties want to get cozy with. The FurHaven Memory Foam Pet Bed makes for an ideal place that cats and even small dogs to hang out. Its foam dome structure supports the back and hips while giving your pet a secure escape from all the human interaction. Pet bed caves from Armarkat give your cat some added privacy with coverings that help make them feel extra safe and cozy. Cat Hammocks like the ProSelect ThermaPet Cat Cage Hammock can be the ultimate cat cage accessory or simply a nice spot for your feline friend to hang out. It utilizes space blanket technology to keep your cat toasty day and night. Meow Town ThermaPet Cat Mat utilizes the same ThermaPet technology that helps regulate the perfect bedtime climate on cooler nights. For a bed that combines the best of naptime with playtime, the Touchcat Molten Lava Designer Cat Bed House features a unique volcano-like design that includes a hanging teaser cat toy! Cats will also love the Crinkle Cat Cave from Petrageous with its wide mouth and bug-themed crinkly canvas construction that will keep them entertained and relaxed. Pair the Armarkat Waffle Bed with a Jackson Galaxy cat toy and your kitty will enjoy the fun of a catnip toy before blasting off into dreamworld. Give your cat the perfect pet hideaway with a pet teepee from such brands as P.L.A.Y. and Hello Doggie and you’ll even add fun designs to your home décor. Help give your kitty the ultimate night’s rest wherever they like to lay down. With tons of top brands to choose from, BaxterBoo’s online pet store is a cat lover’s one-stop-shop for cat supplies and more!

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