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About Our Cat Flea & Tick

If you have a cat that likes to venture out into the world, you know they sometimes bring with them some tiny unwanted guests. These invaders can not only wreak havoc in your house, but they can impact your cat’s overall health and well-being. Flea and Tick control is an essential part of promoting any pet’s health, and cats are no exception. When unchecked, fleas and ticks can cause skin problems while also transmitting potentially harmful diseases and parasites. Thankfully, our assortment of Cat Flea and Tick control products are here to help, with selections from top flea and tick brands including Vet’s Best, Pet Naturals, PetArmor and more. Specially formulated flea control treatments like Advantage II offer long-term protection for up to six months by preventing the growth of larvae and eggs while quickly killing adult fleas. For bath time, flea and tick shampoos like the kin+kind Flea & Tick Organic Shampoo work great on both dogs and cats while being gentle on their skin. If your kitty won’t cooperate in the tub, fear not! You can protect your fussy feline with Pet Naturals Flea and Tick Repellent Spray and Pre-Moistened Wipes, making it a quicker and easier experience for the both of you. Flea and Tick Cat Collars from Seresto and TropiClean give your cat wearable protection both indoors and outdoors. Don’t forget you can remove ticks yourself with tools like the Alzoo Exitick Transparent Tick Remover! All of our options for flea and tick prevention are extremely safe and effective, so your furry friend will be covered with little fuss. BaxterBoo’s online pet store offers plenty of cat healthcare solutions for cat lovers to care for their feline friends. 

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