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About Our Cat Scratching Posts

Save your sofa, drapes and pant legs by letting your cat take their big-cat instincts out on a designated cat scratching post! They come in a variety of styles and features designed to offer a semi-soft surface for your cat’s claws while being attractive additions to your home decor. Not only do they save your house from scratches, they also play a crucial role in your cat’s natural self-grooming instincts! 

Modern Cat Trees make for great play and rest areas that help maintain your cat’s nail health. Trixie offers a wide array of cat trees, cat cave beds, cat playgrounds and other cat furniture with plenty of opportunities for your feisty feline to scratch to their heart’s content. Trixie’s Modern Cat Tower shows a sleek design while providing a place for your cat to both play and rest with multiple levels of fun.

Cat daddy approved by Jackson Galaxy, Armarkat Cat Trees make great additions to your cat home thanks to their high quality materials and multi-tiered designs. Turn your cat’s grooming session into a game with a fun cat toy to provide a more interactive experience. The Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy can be hours of fun with its central scratching pad and ball with catnip included. The Pet Park Blvd Cat Scratcher includes three feathery toys your cat can interact with. 

Eco-friendly cat scratchers are made of FDA certified corrugated recycled paper with even solid fiber patterns to last long with the most vigorous scratchers in mind. Elevate your cat’s fun and relaxation (literally) with wall mounted cat shelves catered to cats who love to climb. As innovative space-saving solutions, cat wall shelves let you customize in different configurations according to both your feline’s preferences and to your home décor. Watch your cat climb to new heights of fun and comfort with cat wall furniture for a true luxury cat experience.

Give your cat the best of both worlds with a high quality cat scratcher that helps keep your kitty groomed and entertained. Cat lovers can find everything they need at BaxterBoo’s online pet store with a feline-tastic collection of cat condos, cat beds and much more!

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