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Dog Fashion Accessories

About Our Dog Goggles Dog Fashion Accessories

Propper eye protection isn’t just for humans. Your dog needs to protect their peepers whether they’re joining you for a hike or going for a ride on the open road. Recommend by vets around the globe, Dog Goggles are the perfect solution to protecting your dog's eyes from sun, wind, dirt, and debris. They’re not just functional – they also make your dog look totally rad!

Featuring the best from the top dog goggle brands, our assortment is ideal for active dogs, working dogs, service dogs and dogs that are sensitive to light. Doggles is the go-to brand in ultimate eye protection for dogs with their unique design built for durability and comfort. Doggles Originalz is the original style that started it all! They feature highly flexible frames and fixed lenses with a lens cup ideal for dogs with recessed eyes. Newer styles like the ILS come with interchangeable lenses allowing you to opt for clear or polarized lenses, depending on your dog’s needs. Doggles come in a variety of colors and designs, including camoleopard printzebra stripes and other great looks. For a more breathable option, grab Doggles’ Mesh Eyewear that protects against abrasions and poking injuries without hindering your dog’s vision. Rex Specs provide more tactical eyewear designed and tested for the working dog. Their wider lenses allow for full field of view while the dynamic strap system keeps them secure on your dog’s head and allows for full jaw motion.

In addition to their stylish and effective frames, we provide replacement lenses for both brands to ensure your dog’s long term protection. BaxterBoo’s online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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