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About Our Choke Free Dog Harnesses

The last thing we want our pets to experience in any situation, especially when venturing outdoors, is discomfort. We need harnesses, collars and leashes to keep our canine companions close, but traditional collars and harnesses can lead to choking when correcting course on a walk. Choke Free Dog Harnesses prevent tracheal collapse and are much safer than walking pets on a collar alone. We have stylish choke-free harnesses for dogs from top brands including Puppia, PetEdge and more. The American River Ultra Choke-Free Mesh Dog Harness by Doggie Design sports a breathable design that’s comfy enough for your dog to wear even when they’re not exploring. For the little Houdinis in our lives, escape proof dog harnesses from Gooby prevent dogs from jumping out of their harnesses when pulling. The Escape Free Sport Dog Harness provides a perfect fit with four points of adjustment and a step-in design, while the Comfort X Step-In Dog Harness provides added comfort with a wider opening at the neck. Dogs who like to pull can easily be trained without choking or discomfort. The Easy Walk Harness by PetSafe gently discourages pulling by tightening slightly across your dog’s chest and shoulders while avoiding choking, gagging or coughing. When you shop BaxterBoo’s collection of comfort dog harnesses, your adventures with your buddy will take you even further.

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