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About Our No Pull Dog Harness

One of the joys of having a canine companion is venturing outdoors for daily walks. It encourages both parties to be active and leads to improved overall wellbeing. However, dogs who aren’t properly trained to heel and stay close will pull, leading to behavioral problems and safety hazards like choking and gagging. Traditional harnesses can unintentionally encourage dogs to pull harder on a leash because of the “opposition reflex.” Our no pull dog harnesses are created to help keep your dog by your side in a safe, humane manner. PetSafe offers some of the best harnesses that discourage pulling. The Easy Walk Harness uses a unique front-chest leash attachment that prevents pulling by tightening slightly across your dog’s chest. Meanwhile, the Gentle Leader Headcollar places pressure on the back of your dog’s neck instead of the front and lets you gently steer your dog in any desired direction. The No-Pull Dog Harness Deluxe Training Package from 2 Hounds Design is made with heavy duty nylon and uses a patented martingale loop on the back that tightens the harness gently around your pup’s chest. This design also lets your dog walk in a straight line without twisting or straining. RC Pets has multiple options to make your walks easier. The Momentum Control Dog Harness and Tempo No Pull Dog Harness both offer dual connection points and multiple points of adjustability to ensure a comfy and secure fit. Find the best harness for the active dog in your life when you shop at BaxterBoo, your ultimate online pet store for dog supplies and more!

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