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Dog Healthcare

Dog Healthcare
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About Our Dog Healthcare

Your dog's health is everything, and we're here to support your efforts to ensure that your pet not only lives long but thrives. BaxterBoo has a diverse collection of the best dog healthcare products available for all breeds and lifestages.

Dietary supplementation can improve your dog's health by boosting their immune system, increasing intakes of vitamins, improving brain function and more! We have several dog supplements to treat anything from dog hip and joint issues to dog anxiety along with general pain and discomfort. Cover your bases with Zesty Paws supplements that help your pup deal with allergies, anxiety and other common wellness issues that dogs face on a daily basis.

Whether venturing out or staying home, always be prepared to assist your dog with a pet first aid kit until you can get veterinary care. Digestive health for dogs is essential for maximizing quality of life. Ensure your dog is getting their nutrients with dog multivitamins, digestive enzymes, and dog probiotics.

We have some of the best dental dog care products that will keep your pet's breath smelling fresh, since good oral hygiene in dogs can also promote better overall health and longevity. Reward your dog with dental dog treats like Greenies dental chews or Merrick Fresh Kisses that use your dog’s natural chewing motion to fight plaque and tartar. You can even give your dog dental water additives to help eliminate bad breath.

Protect your pup’s sensitive areas with dog ear care, dog eye care, and dog paw care products that soothe and cleanse with gentle effectiveness. Pet wipes work great on cleaning eyes, ears and paws while liquid ear solutions and eye drops can provide instant relief! You’ll find high quality topical dog skin care treatments including pet wipes and dog shampoos that protect against irritations and critter infestations. Skin and coat supplements are great sources of omega fatty acids, Vitamin E and other essential nutrients.

Shop for high quality pet healthcare solutions at BaxterBoo's online pet store! Check out BaxterBoo's online pet pharmacy for some of the best prescription medication for your dog or cat!

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