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Dog Healthcare

About Our Dog Paw Care Dog Healthcare

Your puppy’s precious paws go through a lot! When venturing outside they are susceptible to all kinds of different terrain and hazards from hot pavement to icy trails. Your pup’s paws need protection and relief every day, which is why BaxterBoo is here to offer some of the safest and most effective paw care products to treat your pooch. Pawz Maxwax is a natural paw wax that can be used year-round to protect and condition your dog’s paw pads. Bag Balm for Pets uses its same patented lanolin-enriched formula to provide long-lasting protection and soothing relief from dry and cracked paws. PawFlex Medimitt Pet Bandages and Nooby’s Multi Use Disposable Dog Booties help speed up wound recovery and provide great defense against dirt, rain, slush chemicals and other hazards. Espree Calming Paw Balm even offers therapeutic relief through lavender and kava fragrances. Apply any of these paw balm solutions anywhere whether you’re traveling or in the comfort of home! BaxterBoo's online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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