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Dog Toys

About Our Interactive and Treat Dog Toys

Dogs need to exercise their brains along with their bodies. By regularly engaging in mental and physical stimulation, dogs can play an active role in improving their own development. Interactive dog toys and puzzle dog toys are great solutions for fighting boredom and turning playtime into a learning opportunity. Combine playtime with treat time with our selection of treat dog toys that make your pup work for their delicious rewards. KONG and Busy Buddy dog toys encourage dogs to use their wits to find imbedded treats while also helping clean their teeth through natural chewing mechanics. Test your dog’s wits with ThinkRageous Interactive Dog Toys that let you customize the difficulty level to slowly sharpen their thinking skills. Brainiac Smart Dog Toys from Flipo use multiple elements your dog must move to find their treat, providing plenty of mental stimulation for extended periods of time. Flipo also offers its patented slow dog feeder with the UFO Ultimate Feeding Object keeps your pup engaged while helping improve their eating habits. For more interesting challenges, grab Nina Ottosson Puzzle Dog Toys and Trixie Dog Activity Toys that exercise your dog’s mind and fight boredom while helping reduce destructive behaviors through innovative designs. Interactive dog toys aren’t just about keeping your dog entertained – they’re also great opportunities for bonding with your canine companion. Fetch dog toys like the Happy Tails Heroes are equally as engaging for dog owners as they are for their furry friends. You’ll find a great collection of engaging dog toys and dog accessories at BaxterBoo, your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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