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About Our Dog Costumes

Dressing up your pet is always fun, but you want to put them in more than just a simple T-shirt for those special occasions! You like to let your imagination run wild when picturing your pet in the perfect outfit. With one of these amazing pet costumes, your dog can transform into something truly extraordinary for any time you want to elevate your furry friend’s cuteness to another level! From small dogs to large dogs, you'll find the perfect outfit for your canine companion.

We’re here to supply your pooch with a wide array of classic dog costumes from holiday dog costumes to Halloween dog costumes and many more creative options. Turn your adorable dog into a scary monster this Halloween with the Frankenpup costume or turn them into the cutest witch at the party with a witch dog costume. Take them trick-or-treating in a dog ghost costume and they’ll be sure to get plenty of attention and photo ops from the neighborhood. BaxterBoo's collection of dog costumes for Halloween is so cute it's downright spooky! These scary cute costumes certainly put the BOO in BaxterBoo when spooky season arrives! Small dog Halloween costumes like a pumpkin dog costume are perfect for making your little buddy look pleasantly plump for photo ops! Large dog Halloween costumes like our glow in the dark dog skeleton costume are great for parties and for trick or treating!

As the holidays roll around, they’ll make a great turkey dog during Thanksgiving dinner and an even better elf dog when the family opens presents Christmas morning. Transform your pup into Santa himself with our Santa Claus dog costumes. Even our simple Santa hats for dogs will bring plenty of holiday spirit! Check out our great collection of Christmas dog costumes and spread the joy!

Our officially licensed costumes can also transform any pup into your favorite characters from TV, film or any other pop culture icon! Slap on a Superman Dog Cape or go all out with a Superman dog costume and your four-legged friend’s cuteness will be more powerful than a locomotive. Bring the Avengers together with our great selection of Marvel dog costumes from Captain America to Iron Man! For something a little more magical, don them in a classic Disney costume to bring in the smiles from people of all ages! From Lion King to Snow White, your pup will bring the magic anywhere they go! Take on the empire in one of our Star Wars dog costumes! Your pup can become an adorable Ewok in the Running Ewok dog costume or the can tap into the force as the cutest dog in the galaxy with the baby Yoda dog costume.

You won’t even need an event or holiday to dress up your buddy in an adorable costume. A deliciously adorable hot dog costume will make you want to gobble them up, while our animal dog costumes can transform your pooch into any animal from the wild!

Whether you’re gearing up for a special occasion or a simple photo op, your pooch won’t go wrong with any of these outstanding outfits! Let your feline friend in on the Halloween fun with an adorably spooky cat costume for the purrrfect look! BaxterBoo’s online pet store has your pet covered with great selection of dog clothes, even better dog fashion accessories and much more!

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