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Bare Bites Beef Liver Dog and Cat Treat

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IB# 10175
Bare Bites Beef Liver Dog and Cat Treat
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Keep your pets free from additives and just Bare it all for them with Bare Bites!

  • Made of liver
  • Gluten Free
  • No preservatives
  • Made in the USA Treat

Why We Love It:

Our Bare Bites Beef Liver Dog and Cat Treats are just liver, plain and simple ... but incredibly delicious. We dare you to try them on your pets. 

Bare Bites has dared to go bare ... and it works! There are no funny chemicals or fillers in this pet treat... just 100% USDA, human grade, dehydrated, all natural beef liver. Having just one ingredient means you can be assured that this product is gluten and grain free. There are no additives. No Preservatives. 

You can also buy these with confidence as they are made with care in the USA (in Frederick, MD) from USDA beef. 

We love the fact that these liver wafers can be snapped into smaller pieces to suit the size of your pet. This means they can make a nice little training treat and are perfect for cats and smaller dogs. The big dogs will love them too! 

This high-protein healthy snack is great for dogs and cats with allergies and for pets needing to watch their weight. Thanks to its filler-free formula, there are no empty calories or mystery additives.

Our Bare Bites Beef Liver Pet Treats are a BaxterBoo staff favorite! (Well, at least, Baxter the Schnauzer and Ms. Boo Kitty love them!)

IB# 10175
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