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About Our Cat Grooming

Cats are pros at grooming themselves, but sometimes that’s not enough. They still need the best Cat Grooming products available if they truly want to be the cleanest kitties. From grooming tools to cat shampoos, BaxterBoo has everything your cat needs. Grooming your cat will go far in not only promoting your cat’s well-being, it also can save your house from unwanted scratch marks and tumbleweeds of hair! If you’re lucky enough to have a kitty that doesn’t mind the tub, our supply of cat shampoos from brands like ikaria and Top Performance will have their coat shining and smelling great – plus these shampoos are safe for both dogs and cats! For those fussier felines, we have waterless cat bath alternatives like the Vet’s Best Dry Clean Waterless Cat Bath and the Don't Worry Rinse Me Dry Pet Shampoo by Ark Naturals. Both are also great options for cleaning your cat on the go. ClearQuest Pet Bath Wipes are alcohol-free tools perfect for maintaining your pet between baths, grooming sessions or playtimes. Earthbath also offers great pet wipes that target specific areas on your cat, including Eye Wipes, Ear Wipes, and Hypoallergenic Face Wipes – all helping with irritation and stains that come with unsightly secretions. Furbliss brushes are designed for both short-haired cats and long-haired cats, contoured to your cat’s natural shape to comfortably help reduce shedding by up to 90%. In the event your cat’s scratching post gets worn down, grab a pair of Miller Forge Cat Scissors for Claws for more precise claw care. Our carefully chosen selection of cat grooming items will help your cat look, smell and feel great. Thanks to BaxterBoo’s online pet store, you'll have everything a cat lover needs from cat food to cat accessories and more!

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