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About Our Waterless Grooming


Cats aren’t always the most cooperative bath time partners. If they’re not drinking water, they usually want nothing to do with the wet stuff. Luckily, we offer waterless grooming options so you can conveniently clean them anywhere. Waterless Cat Bath from Vet’s Best takes the stress out of bathing your kitty with a gentle plant-based formula that cleans, conditions, and soothes. Simply massage it into your pet and leave it in! Vet’s Best also offers Flea and Tick Spray that kills and repels critters with natural botanical extracts. Medicated Pet Pads from DOUXO lets you clean those hard-to-reach spots between toe pads and skin folds with a paraben-free formula ideal for managing skin infections. Give your furry friend a no-hassle bathing experience thanks to BaxterBoo, your ultimate online pet store for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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