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Proviable® is a clinically researched and developed multi-strain probiotic supplement for dogs and cats that’s rich in prebiotics and probiotics which help support healthy digestion. Proviable® encourages growth of the beneficial bacteria that can help maintain intestinal balance, leading to optimal digestive health. For large dogs, Proviable® Digestive Support Kit offers easily administered paste to help firm stools along with capsules that help reestablish healthy intestinal balance. Both formulas also contain added prebiotics to encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the digestive tract. Formulated for dogs and cats, Proviable®-DC Capsules can conveniently be sprinkled into your pet’s food and contains 7 key probiotics including billions of live microorganisms per capsule. Proverbial also offers digestive support dog chewable tablets that are tasty and convenient for dogs of all sizes. Proviable® digestive support is a part of the Nutramax® collection of vet-recommended pet care products made with the highest standards to ensure your companion’s health and wellbeing.

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